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Denis Courchesne was born in Sherbrooke in 1951. He moved to the Thetford Mines area at a young age, and still resides there. His father was a tailor by profession and was recognized in his region for the precision of his work and his impeccable cuts.

This influence permeates Denis’s work and gives his art a particular signature. His love of art is not new; at 14 he was already painting his first paintings. In addition to his professional occupation, for nearly 30 years he pursued a career as a broker of works of art. Self-taught with acrylics, they remain his preference.



His paintings in contrasting colors radiate vibrant energy; the black sky is amazing and the bright colors grab attention. His love of nature guides him to create superb paintings representing his region and village; old buildings, witnesses of the past, are omnipresent.

The trees spread their palette of red and become majestic. Objects also become concepts used as objects for reflection. In recent years, the artist has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec, Lac Etchemin, and  Beauce.

He also participates in numerous symposiums throughout Quebec. His palette of colour has become his trademark. But he loves to reinvent himself, so he has likely not finished surprising us.

All pictures of this page was made by Marc Fillion, photographe

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