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Denis Courchesne

Artiste peintre

an authentic original

« When I visited  art dealers and had the chance to rub shoulders with renowned artists, I knew then that I would develop my  own career as an artist, which I has done, fulfilling my  belief that life rewards those who embrace it.  »

a passion for light

« I am an artist in love with light. Light makes me feel happy; it enlightens my soul and leads me to paint. I paint the sky black, but never pure black. Black forms the backdrop of my canvas and magnifies the light. Light brings wisdom and humility, captivating the eyes of those who see my art. It makes them forget everything else. My works can be subtle and subdued or brilliant and dazzling as the nights of the full moon. »

next events

Expo solo – Le Grand Silence –
Station des Arts Thetford Mines

February 21 to March 31, 2019

SYMPO « Ma ville en couleurs » Thetford Mines

27 and 28 april 2019


Denis Courchesne


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